MNP Business Insights

What the Future Workplace Might Look Like

June 12, 2021
By Mary Larson and Dan Caringi
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This episode of Business Insights: The Podcast examines the future workplace of Canadian businesses. Our guests, Dan Caringi and Mary Larson from MNP, share their thoughts on everything from working remotely to the hybrid workplace to the shifting values of Canadian business leaders.

Dan Caringi is a Partner with MNP’s Consulting and Technology Solutions teams in Mississauga. Dan brings 20 years of experience to help bridge the divide between technology and strategy. Delivering innovative solutions that address organizational challenges with practical results.

Mary Larson, ICD.d, is a Partner with MNP’s Consulting Services group in Montreal. Mary helps clients clarify and build alignment around their strategies, build leadership capacity and embed cultures that foster outstanding execution.