MNP Business Insights

Risk Has its Rewards

June 22, 2021
By Cliff Trollope and Phillip Racco
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This episode of Business Insights: The Podcast looks at risk preparedness and the importance of business continuity. MNP’s Cliff Trollope and Phillip Racco take us on a journey of what it was like in the early days of COVID-19 and how companies that examined business and operational risks, and planned for such risks were better prepared than others to survive the past 12 months.



Cliff Trollope is a Partner and MNP’s Business Resilience Practice Leader. With more than 20 years of experience helping clients with emergency response, business continuity, crisis management and physical security, Cliff delivers effective, efficient solutions to address the most complex business challenges.

Phillip Racco is a Consultant in MNP’s Enterprise Risk Practice, specializing in enterprise risk management and business resilience. His experience ranges over a variety of industries, within both the public and private sector and is particularly acknowledges for his strong data analysis and management abilities.