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About Annex Business Media

Whenever we’re asked what exactly it is we do here at Annex, we tell people that our company is here to help facilitate the conversation. When people ask us which conversation we’re referring to, we tell them it all depends who’s asking.

Altogether, Annex is comprised a collection of over 65 forward-thinking media brands, all of which are built to serve Canadian industries with timely and relevant information and resources. That means that whether you’re a pizza maker in Chicoutimi, a renewable fuels researcher in Kelowna, or a plastics manufacturer in Kingston, we’ve got the content and platforms necessary to keep you connected and informed with the latest developments in your field.

We also know that staying connected isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to engage audiences, both new and old, through a wide variety of events and conferences, webinars, educational resources, thought leadership, and print and digital offerings. When we create experiences like these—where stakeholders can connect, share ideas, and learn about emerging trends and technologies in key industries—we strive to elevate the conversation, and to bring new possibilities to life.

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